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Watch Russian & Egyptian soldiers take turns downing US & British drones (VIDEO)

Russian and Egyptian troops during the ‘Arrow of Friendship’ exercise. ©Russian Defense Ministry

7.11. 2019

The Egyptian hosts and their Russian guests took turns manning Egypt’s Russian-made air defense systems during a joint military exercise near Cairo. Each practice target required just one missile to take it down.

The unusual field experience, in which Egyptian and Russian crews could share each other’s operational skills, was the highlight of the two-week ‘Arrow of Friendship’ exercise – the first of its kind held by the two nations.

Egypt operates several Russian-produced air defense systems, including the middle-range Buk-M2 and the short-range Tor-M2 surface-to-air missiles. They were deployed for the exercise, with Russian and Egyptian crews alternately taking control of the hardware.

Source: RT

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