25 Breathtaking Views Of The Himalayas, You Will Want To Forget ASAP

The talented folks at Teton Gravity have put together a truly stunning video of some of the Himalayas most iconic peaks.


The Himalayas of Nepal

The Himalayas is where the paper for our journals is grown, made from cuttings of the Lokta bush. The bushes don’t grow as high as these majestic peaks (not much does), but Lokta bushes do grow at high altitudes between 5,250 and 13,000 feet.

The inner strips of the Lokta bush’s fibrous bark are cooked into a mash and then spread by hand across boxed screens and set to dry in the Himalayan sun. This process creates the fabric-like lokta paper and dates back more than 1,000 years in Nepal.

Go enjoy and explore the wonders of the earth, who knows, maybe someday you’ll produce a video like the one above.

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