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A Japanese serial lover arrested for dating 35 different women


23 April 2020.

A Serial dater has been captured in Japan subsequent to seeing 35 unique individuals simultaneously and accepting endowments and cards from every one of them.

Takashi Miyagawa, a low maintenance laborer of no fixed dwelling place from the Japanese area of Kansai, had told every one of the ladies he had been dating that his birthday was on an alternate date.

The 39-year-old was captured for cheating the 35 ladies subsequent to professing to be not kidding about associations with them. Miyagwa’s genuine birthday is in November.

In one case, the Miyagwa told a 47-year-old darling that his birthday was on February 22, while another casualty, 40, said he disclosed to her it was in July. A third lady, who is 35, said she trusted it was in April.

As indicated by SoraNews24, the all out number of casualties remains at 35 with the chance of additional coming advances.

Altogether, the ladies have blamed Miyagawa for cheating them out of £665 worth of birthday presents, garments, and money.

The presume met his victims
while working for a showcasing organization selling hydrogen water showerheads and different items. He allegedly focused on single ladies and started every relationship with the idea that marriage would be on the cards.

In any case, the ladies wound up shaping a casualties’ association and announced Miyagawa to the police in February.

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