Alibaba founder Jack Ma challenges Floyd Mayweather to a fight with Manny Pacquiao’s help

According to CNN China’s richest man says he’s ready to take on The Money Team. In a video posted to Twitter Sunday, Philippines boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and Alibaba founder Jack Ma challenged Floyd Mayweather to a fight.

“Floyd Mayweather, if you want a real fight, fight me. If you want an exhibition, my guy, my friend, Jack Ma will take care of you, ” Pacquiao says. He then calls them “The Real Manny Team,” an apparent play on a lifestyle brand founded by Mayweather, The Money Team.”I am ready. Any time, any place, Manny’s team is read,” Ma said. Ma retired from the Chinese e-commerce giant last month, saying he wanted to pursue his other passions, like education.

He is also a renowned martial arts fan — even starring in a short movie produced by Jet Li, in which he played a tai chi master. Yet while Ma is clearly in shape, a Mayweather fight is a different matter entirely. The US boxer has 50-0 winning record and is considered one of the sport’s all-time greats. He’s technically retired but has come out of retirement in previous years for big fights. He earned $9 million for just over two minutes of action during a fight in Japan last year.

Pacquiao first fought Mayweather in 2015, and the Philippines boxer-turned-senator is seeking a rematch. In that bout, dubbed the “Fight of the Century,” Mayweather claimed a unanimous points victory against Pacquiao, who by then was 37 years old and past his prime. Fight fans, pundits and TV networks had for years demanded a bout between the two while they were at their peak, but the two sides could not agree to a deal. Mayweather Promotions’ Leonard Ellerbe told reporters Mayweather “had no interest” in fighting Pacquiao after the event in Japan last year. But that didn’t stop Pacquiao from challenging the 42-year-old to another fight in January.

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