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Nigeria: BAN ON OPEN GRAZING. Minister of Justice Statement on Grazing Reckless – LRA Consulting Managing Partner.

20 May, 2021

As Nigerians both home and abroad are reacting to the statement credited to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Nigeria, Mr Abubakar Malami on the ban of open grazing in the South by the South governors in Nigeria, the Managing Partner of LRA Consulting AB, Mr Ayoola Lawal, has described the statement credited to the Attorney General of the Federation of Nigeria and Minister of Justice, Mr Abubakar Malami on the ban on open grazing by Southern governors of Nigeria akin to banning all spare parts trading in the North, as reckless and unexpected from such a figure in esteemed position in the most populated black nation on the globe, Nigeria.

Malami quoted to have said that this reasoned decision, among others, is akin to banning all spare parts dealers in the Northern parts of the country and is unconstitutional. 

Mr Ayoola, in a Q & A session on a podcast session with a veteran podcaster, Sam Larsson said:

“Well, it was an opinion of his, Malami, but unfortunately that he was unable to distill himself not as a common man on the street but as a minister and attorney general of the Federation when making such statement. A man occupying such esteem public office should be seen as a unifier especially in such a critical time of the country.

Following the insecurity happenings in Nigeria, any ethnic unbiased person should know that the Southern governors made such a decision in good faith and as a security measure to curb insecurity of kidnapping, raping and banditry in the South because criminal elements already infiltrated the innocent hardworking herdsmen peacefully going about their businesses in the region long before now. 

“Could we akin restriction of hawking and Okada on certain parts of our cities as infringing on fundamental human rights ?. I will even love to hear his opinion on pig open grazing in certain parts of Northern Nigeria. 

In a sane country, Mr Malami would have tendered his official resignation letter by now for such unguarded and flammable statement that could further divide the country that is going through her trying times as a united people.

All Nigeria´s elites especially public figures should try to watch their public utterances and manage their emotion on issues that could further divide the nation. Anyone that thinks he/she and their loved ones will not be consumed if unexpected happens should think twice. We should remember that there is no big man in IDP or any refugee camp.

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