California should braces for post-Christmas Covid-19 flood.

28 December 2020

The situation in California’s hospitals will likely become desperate in January 2021 due to infections from Christmas and New Year gathering celeberations. This situation is already critical due to an influx of Covid-19 patients.

“People didn’t listen, and we are stuck now. We were running low on oxygen, on supplies, on all the respiratory drugs, definitely beds, definitely staff – we don’t have enough staff. So we already blew it,” Marcia Santini, an emergency unit nurse who works at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (RRMC), told RT.

The public didn’t listen.

Last week, California became the first US state to surpass two million Covid-19 infections. The millionth case was confirmed 10 months after the outbreak began, but it took just six weeks to double that number. Some intensive care units have hit zero capacity and there is a real chance that people arriving on gurneys will have no bed to go to soon.

“We [at the RRMC] have patients in overflow-overflow-overflow areas that were never intended to have Covid-19 patients. Other hospitals are setting up makeshift units outside of the hospital,” Santini said. “We had to deal with the last surge from Thanksgiving. Now we have to deal with the surge for Christmas and then we have New Year coming.”

A nurse said that she understood how important holidays are, but it didn’t change the fact of the dire situation. The defiant public that ignores the pandemic risks is part of the issue , because the government played a critical role in leading the country into the ongoing crisis.

“They could have released the Defense Production Act and ramp up the production of PPE and all the other supplies that we need, and they didn’t do that,” she said. “The whole nation is in a big, big predicament of how we are going to treat patients safely and give them the care that they need.”

It will take months for the significant effect of the jab campaign that already started in the US. And, in the meantime, “we can’t get relaxed, we can’t get lazy, we can’t get fatigued about it. We must continue or else we will be dealing with this over and over and over again.” the nurse added.

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California should brace for post-Christmas Covid-19 flood.

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