Call for application of grants to investigate​ corruption in 7 states in Nigeria- SCRAP C-PS-2019

#Upright4Nigeria invites qualified & passionate print, electronic & digital media journalists to apply for a grant to investigate corruption in Kaduna, Kano/ Jigawa, Lagos, Enugu, Borno or Akwa Ibom State.

The stories must meet our strict standards of objectivity, clarity, provoke action from relevant authorities, good use of pictures, truthfulness and accuracy. The stories must also meet the following standards:
1. Detailing in one or more specific cases, how corruption has negatively affected the lives of Nigerians and stalled development.
2. Be accurate and backed by hard evidences.
3. For broadcast journalists, a reasonable level of pictorial evidence must be provided.
4. Detail real people’s lives reality with quotes and relevant images. A multimedia approach to the story for online and print media is vital.
5. Must shun support for any political party, partisan political statements, religious orientation and any other tendentious orientation.
6. Be void of libelous claims, character assassination and strictly conform with all the ethics of journalism and media practice.
7. Your media organisation must be committed to publishing or airing the story.
8. The investigation/production of the story must be concluded and published/aired not later than November 22th, 2019.

These stories, after being published in the different media, may be published in other forms by ActionAid Nigeria and other consortium members including Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) and Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI) strictly for illustration, with credit given to the Writer.

See attached image for details.

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