Cannabis Kitchen: How To Cook Infused Foods with Weed

If you are broke, buying food with marijuana may be the worst thing you can do.

By Guest Author– 28:10:2019

Marijuana-laced foods have seen an explosion of varieties. However, as the varieties of marijuana delicacies grow, so is the cost of buying them? If you are broke, buying food with marijuana may be the worst thing you can do.

The solution: cook.

Cooking your own marijuana recipes requires a good amount of knowledge in both cooking and marijuana. Of course, there will be people that will tell you to just add weed to a store-bought cookie mix. But this is unhealthy. The amount of sugar, saturated fats, sodium and chemical preservatives in store-bought cookie mixes can destroy whatever health benefits that you will get from cooking with weed. Plus, you do not just add leaves to the cookies. Cooking the leaves directly can destroy the cannabinoids in the cannabis.

In order for you to find success in cooking foods with marijuana, here are five basic but amazing tips to learn.

Through these simple tips, we hope that you will learn how to cook infused food with marijuana.

TIP #1: Use all parts of the marijuana

When smoking a joint, people prefer to burn the nuggets and the buds rather than the stems. When cooking infused foods with marijuana, do not hesitate to use all parts of the plant. Edibles can be created using all parts of the marijuana including the buds, and stems, and other cannabis-based products such as kief, solventless hash, and solvent-based concentrates. The key here is to get as much all cannabinoid content. We do not need these parts of the plants to go directly into the food. We just have to extract the cannabinoid compounds from the plant. 

TIP #2: Consider the strains of the plant

The strain of a marijuana affects greatly the THC and CBD content of your product. If you are aiming for much mellow effects, then opt for indica-heavy variants of marijuana. For edibles that will be trippy and fun, choose sativa variants of strains. Hybrids will have different effects Make sure to check out the THC: CBD proportion in the strains of weed you are using. The strains with high CBD levels are Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, or White Fire Alien OG. For THC-filled strains, use cannabis strains such as Sour Diesel, White Widow, Casey Jones, Golden Goat, or Lemon Skunk. 

TIP #3 Consider the effects that you want to achieve

His connected to the above tip. When choosing which strains to look for, it is important to remember that CBD has no psychoactive effects but is extensively sought after due to its medicinal effects. It is sedative and can make you feel sleepy and relaxed. THC will cause psychoactive effects. Make sure that you know the specific cannabinoid profile of the plant that you will be using. Learn about the right THC to CBD ration that will best produce the effects that you are looking for.  Desire, whether for recreational use or medicinal purposes. Also, if you want edibles with strong psychoactive effects, use strains with high-THC level. Although, it should be noted that in the US, juicing raw cannabis or using organic hemp flower is considered to be legal federally legal in all 50 states. 

TIP #4: Use 1:1 ratio for cooking oil/shortening and ground cannabis

When baking cookies or brownies, you will surely use butter or cooking oil as your shortening. This is when you can infuse your cannabinoids to your baked goodies. However, it is important to remember that for every one unit of oil, use an equal one unit of ground marijuana. A cup of marijuana is about 7-10 grams. Lipids in the oil can bind with a certain volume of cannabinoid. If you use too many cannabis and little, the excess cannabinoids in your weed will be wasted because there will be no lipid to bind with them. 

Tip #5: Use extenders

When cooking, people sometimes use flour as extender. When trying to save with your marijuana edibles, you do not have to buy more cannabis to cook more. A good way to go around this it to infuse your oil with cannabis parts that had been vaporized. It is called “ABV,” or “already been vaped” cannabis. Of course, it is important to think about the quality. The quality and potency of your infusion depends on the quality and amount of marijuana plant you will use. Edibles made from premium parts of the plant such as freshly cured, ground buds will significantly possess stronger effects than those made buds that were already used in vape. 

These are just some of the basic tips on how to cook infused foods with weed. For more tips and guides, make sure to visit us at

Source: Weekend Gardener.

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