China: US interference in Hong Kong unites Chinese people against Washington’s ‘sinister intentions & hegemonic nature’ says Beijing

Published: 28 Nov 2019 |

Reuters / Jorge SilvaAnti-government protesters hold US flags during a rally at the University of Hong Kong, China, September 20, 2019 ©  Reuters / Jorge Silva

Beijing warned that continued US meddling in Hong Kong is “doomed to fail” and threatened “firm counter measures,” after President Donald Trump passed two bills backing ongoing protests in the territory.

Washington has “ignored facts” and “blatantly supported violent radicals who oppose the rule of law” in Hong Kong, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, following the passage of the “Hong Kong Human Rights” act and a law banning certain exports to the city’s police force.

Such an attempt aims to damage the practice of ‘one country, two systems,’ and the path of Chinese national rejuvenation.

Beijing’s response comes on the heels of a similarly harsh statement from the local government in Hong Kong, which also slammed the bills for interfering in its internal affairs and “damaging relations.”

Hong Kong protests began in May over a proposed bill regulating extradition to mainland China, since withdrawn. As demonstrators ramped up their demands, they also became more violent, escalating their actions from roadblocks to hurling petrol bombs at police, beating up bystanders and setting them on fire, and occupying a university campuses.

China insists that the unrest in Hong Kong – a territory recovered from the UK in 1997 after a century of colonial rule – is an internal affair. By the logic of some hawkish US lawmakers, however, their support and promotion of “democracy” overseas is an internal US matter and China’s protests over it amount to unwelcome foreign interference.

Source: CRN

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