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Crisis Set Photo Teases a Green Spartan Suit (Is Diggle Green Lantern?)

By: Chris Ann – 24:10: 2019

A photo behind the scenes from his filming Back crossover event Crisis On Infinite Earths may have confirmed a popular fan theory that John “Spartan” Diggle will become a Green Lantern before its end. Arrow season 8. While the show itself has danced around the idea before, this photo can prove that showrunners in the series are finally following the idea.

Since 1970 and the release of Green Lantern / Green Arrow # 76, there has been a tradition of Green Lanterns and Green Arrows collaborating on comics. When Arrow introduced John Diggle to become Oliver Queen’s associate in the fight against crime from its first season, many supporters speculate that Diggle may have been set up as a substitute for John Stewart’s Green Lantern. This theory continued for several seasons, although the characters had little in common except their first names and the history of military service, although Diggle was an American Army General and a Stewart member of the US Navy.

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Twitter user ThemysciraBound has posted a series of photos from the Crisis In Infinity Film footage, which appear to suggest that the theory can finally be confirmed. The photos show many stunts duplicating a scene where the heroes attack the Anti-Monitor. John Diggle’s alter ego, Spartan, is said to be among the heroes gathered for the fight, but his body armor and helmet have a darker green cast to them than usual. In fact, it looks almost like his regular outfit redesigned with green intentions – a common feature of many of the costumes wearing green lanterns that violated the usual Corps costume in the Green Lantern Corps comics.

While this does not prove that John Diggle will become a Green Lantern as part of the Crisis on Infinite Earth, the show dropped several tips on correct fan theory during Arrow 7. When Barry Allen of the Earth-90 met with Earth-1 heroes during the 2018 Crossover Elseworlds event, recognized Diggle and asked why he was not wearing his ring. Later that season, the Arrow team was introduced to Diggle’s father, US Army General Roy Stewart. This led to speculation that, in another world, Diggle might have taken his surname and become John Stewart.

Actor David Ramsey stayed tight on the possibilities, while acknowledging that there had been discussions about what had happened since then. Arrow Season 2. The photos are compelling evidence, but it seems unlikely that a Green Lantern House in the Back will be confirmed before the Crisis on Infinite Earth Air. However, if there were always times for the most powerful weapon in the universe to be revealed to Earth’s heroes and bring John Diggle to their ranks, this Black Night would surely be that.

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Source: ThemysciraBound / Twitter

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