Czech Prime Minister: “We strongly reject the redistribution of migrants”

 By ARTHUR LYONS   November 2019

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis once again reiterated that the Czech Republic strongly rejects the redistribution of migrants and will refuse any further initiatives to enact a migrant quota system for EU member states.

Earlier this month, Germany proposed another plan to reform asylum procedures for so-called ‘irregular migrants’ arriving in Europe. The plan would allow migrants to be registered and distributed among EU member states while they’re still outside the borders of the bloc, daily Czech newspaper Lidovky reports.

“We fundamentally reject the redistribution of migrants, we reject quotas anyway,” Babis said

The Czech head of state also stressed that the government will continue to place the needs of the Czech people before the needs of illegal immigrants.

“We reject illegal migration as a matter of principle. We also reject letting smugglers decide who is going to live in Europe. We reject quotas. I do not understand why there is constantly someone bringing this topic up to the negotiating table. I hope that it will stop within the new European Commission,” Babis said.

Babis’s sentiments were echoed by the Czech Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamacek, who said that his country would continue to pursue positions on illegal migration that are in line with its Visegrad partners – Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

Last year, the European Commission sued the Visegrad Group in an EU court for refusing to join an earlier migrant redistribution quota system approved by member states.

Germany’s new proposal for a wider discussion on the issue is set to be given to EU interior ministers in Brussels sometime next week.

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