Deal gone wrong for Martha Kay, Nude Pictures leaked

It seems renowned comedienne Martha Kay’s nude photos woes are far from over.

The socialite’s leaked nude photos have been making rounds on social media since last Friday. They show her completely naked and smiling for the camera.

Following the event, the heartbroken Martha Kay reported the case to Kira Road Police citing breach of trust and privacy.

“This was a breach of trust and privacy. I have reported the issue to Kira Road @PoliceUg, submitted the necessary evidence to put the person responsible in his place. I’m so hurt by this. May my family and friends forgive me,” she tweeted.

However, it has come to our understanding that the nude photos eventuality may be deeper than we expect.

According to a new audio making rounds on social media, a yet to be identified woman alleges that Martha had taken photos to entice a high government official who had promised to give her Shs5 million after having a sexual intercourse with her though the deal came out not as expected.

The woman claims that one day at a top city hangout, the comedienne met a city pimp who tricked her that the loaded official wanted to have a piece of her in return for Shs5 million, a proposal she highly welcomed.

“The guy told Martha, that they should go to the hotel where the loaded guy would find them. When they reached the hotel, the guy told Martha can we first take nudes using your phone so that we can send to the guy so that he sees what he is coming to have.They used Martha Kay’s phone unfortunately, the guy disappeared with it”

She also disclosed that the troubled socialite was tasked to pay Shs3 million if she wanted her phone back.

“When Martha tried to call him, he asked for Shs3 million to return her phone with nudes, which she did. However, before that, the guy had already sent the nudes to some of his friends.

“One of the pimp’s friends is the one who first showed me the nudes before they were leaked and he narrated to me what exactly had happened.”
Source: Watchdog news

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