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Nigeria: Deradicalized Boko Haram members rejoined former members to attack Monguno

Repentant Boko Haram Members

 Jul 27, 2020

One of the soldiers of the Nigerian Army on the front lines fighting in Monguno, Borno State of Northeastern Nigeria has revealed that some of the rehabilitated Boko Haram militants are returning to the trenches to join their former colleagues.

In a recent attack on Monguno, they joined forces with their former colleagues in attacking the town after which they fled and never returned according to an unnamed soldier.

Monguno Local Government Authority, a town in north-eastern Nigeria, 133 Kilometres from Maiduguri city has been the centre of the humanitarian crisis in Nigeria.

A revelation contained in a piece sent to Mr Farooq Kperogi, an Associate Professor of Journalism and Emerging Media at Kennesaw State University in the United States by the unnamed soldier.

The letter reads:  Good evening sir. I’m presently in Monguno. I’ve been wanting to hint you on the recent happenings. During the last two attacks June and July (in Monguno), some of the so-called rehabilitated Boko Haram guys – Non-State Armed Groups (NSAG) joined their former colleagues in attacking the community and ran back to the BUSH with them. This is to say that the whole rehabilitation narrative is a sham!Mr. Kperogi has always expressed reservations the “repentant” & “reintegrated” terrorists. He wondered what will motivate the government to spend millions to “rehabilitate”, or better still, rearm Boko Haram, with more vigour. He believes that the letter from the soldier on the front lines is proof of the suspicions.“This is cruel and unconscionable! It’s the government-sanctioned mass murder of innocents!” he stated. See a screenshot of the letter he shared on social media below:

On Saturday in Gombe State, 601 repentants Boko Haram militants graduated at the DRR camp in Mallam Sidi and integrated into the civil society following their graduation according to the Defence Headquarters.

According to Major General Shafa, 601 deradicalised former Boko Haram militants include 14 foreign nationals who are foreign nationals of Cameroon, Chad and Niger

The 601 graduates of the batch 4 client arrived in 2 chalk on 27 November and 14 December, 2019 respectively.

In another tweet on Sunday, Mr. Kperogi blamed the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government for the activities of the terrorists.

He tweeted:

No one who benefits from a multi-million-naira “rehabilitation” and “de-radicalization” program from gov’t after the mass slaughters of soldiers and civilians will stop doing so. 

“The Buhari regime is straight-up the greatest boon to terrorists and terrorism in Nigeria.”

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