France: Topless FEMEN protester descend on anti-Islamophobia rally in Paris (VIDEO)

10.11. 2019 | 15:07 GMT

Topless members of FEMEN gatecrashed an anti-Islamophobia protest in the French capital Sunday as hundreds took to the streets to demonstrate in the wake of an attack on a mosque in Bayonne last month.

While demonstrators were gathering and preparing to march, FEMEN activists suddenly burst onto the scene, baring their breasts.

Members of the anti-Islamophobia protest quickly rushed over and surrounded the topless women, blocking them from view using coats and umbrellas despite photographers’ best efforts to capture the moment.

The group, which pushes for women’s rights through topless protests and other actions, has previously targeted Islamic events, drawing a backlash from Muslim women who criticize FEMEN of Islamophobis

Source: RT

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