Germany: Men arrested for Halloween gang rape of 14-year-old German girl identified as Iraqi, Afghan, and Iranian

Authorities in Germany have released the nationalities of the three migrants who were arrested earlier this week for gang-raping a 14-year-old native German girl on Halloween night in the city Ulm.

The cowardly rapists, three ‘asylum seekers’ from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran, aged 15, 16, and 26, are currently in police custody. Two additional suspects said to have been involved in the sexual assault remain at large, German Bavarian daily newspaper Münchner Merkur reports.

When Voice of Europe initially reported on the gang rape earlier this week, authorities were refusing to release the nationalities of the rapists, claiming that the information is of “no relevance to the process”. They’ve since changed their minds.

Police spokesperson Wolfgang Jürgens has told the German press that despite there being only five suspects in the case, it cannot be ruled out there may have been additional men involved in the crime. According to investigators, the German teenager had met one of the migrant suspects on Halloween night before she agreed to head back to the home of one of the migrants in the group later in the evening. Once the group arrived back at the home of one of the migrants, the group of men raped the young girl.

A toxicology screen would later reveal that the teenage victim had been given multiple drugs, presumably to make her less capable of defending  herself against the sexual assault. While authorities initially arrested five migrants, aged 14 to 26, they later released two of them, aged 14 and 24, who currently are walking the streets of Ulm as this is being written.

In a statement that has been widely criticized, Ulm Lord Mayor Gunter Czisch wrote: “I wonder what a 14-year-old girl wants in Ulm at night? Parents have a duty to ensure that a minor girl does not walk around town alone. I say this so clearly because we all have to take responsibility if we want to prevent such cases.”

The mayor, after being accused of “victim-blaming”, said: “I am very sorry that my original statement was misleading. Of course, the girl carries no-fault. The blame for this act lies exclusively and clearly with the alleged perpetrators.”

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