India: Party lashes at out government for hiding slums because of Trump visit

17 Feb, 2020 08:47 Get short URL

An Indian Hindu party condemned the government plans to hide slum behind a wall along the route Donald Trump’s motorcade will drive through during his proposed visit, likening preparations to those for the colonial era of British royals.

The US president is scheduled to attend a roadshow with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and as well inaugurate a new cricket stadium India. Due to the visit, it was reported that Authorities in Ahmedabad are planning to erect a wall that would make local slums invisible for Trump and his entourage once they arrive in the city.

“Before independence, [the] British King or Queen used to visit one of their slave nations like India. The kind of preparations going on from taxpayers’ money for the arrival of Trump is similar to it. This reflects the slave mentality of Indians,” read an editorial in ‘Saamana.’

“We have heard Trump is going to be in Ahmedabad for only three hours but the wall construction is costing almost Rs100 crore [$1.5 million] to the state exchequer,” the paper stated.

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