Indian soldiers captured during bloody border clash in HimalayasChina released by China

19 Jun, 2020

The released soldiers, including a major and a captain, were handed over to New Delhi after high-level talks between the nations’ armies, Indian media reported, citing sources. After their release, the servicemen were sent for medical check-ups and were “debriefed” by officials.

The Indian Army did not comment on the news but later released a statement, clarifying that none of its soldiers are listed as missing.

Chinese and Indian troops were engaged in a fierce melee along the border in the Himalayas earlier this week, which left 20 Indian soldiers dead. According to Indian media, dozens of Chinese soldiers were killed as well. Beijing admitted that there were casualties on both sides but did not disclose the number of Chinese troops killed or wounded in the confrontation.

The death of the Indian soldiers sparked sporadic protests across the country, along with calls to boycott Chinese goods.

The bloody combat occurred after several smaller skirmishes last month, which left soldiers wounded on both sides. They were defused through talks between the nation’s armies.

Beijing and New Delhi, locked in a long-standing border dispute, have blamed each other for aggression this week, but emphasized that tensions need to be settled via continued dialogue.

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