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Ghana: Keeping an Eye on Ghana’s Farms

Farmers in Ghana are adopting drone technology for crop surveillance in a bid to increase yields and incomes. The new technology is being used as farmers’ cooperatives are slowly abandoning manual labor as they seek higher efficiency. Some, however, think the use of the drones is too costly and may shut out poor farmers. companies now sponsored by the Netherlands-based Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, a European Union-funded institute, in a bid to attract more young Africans to agriculture. CTA estimates that streamlining agriculture through technology could earn the continent $2.6 billion every year. While not all farmers can afford to work with drones and many fear they could lose their jobs to technology, some see it as a way of increasing yields, compared to traditional techniques. Delegates are meeting in Accra to discuss ways to transform agriculture on the continent, and drones are just one of the topics they are discussing as a way to improve Africa's food security 

Source: VOA

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