Kenya’s Covid-19 survivors speak

• President Uhuru Kenyatta in live chat with two Kenyans cured of Covid-19.

1 APRIL 2020

Kenya’s Covid-19 survivors, identified as Brenda and Brian, have made the first public appearance in a live video call with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It is the first time that the identities of the patients, who have now recovered from the coronavirus, are being revealed. 

During the live chat, President Kenyatta urged Kenyans to help stop the deadly virus. 

Brenda and Brian are the first and third patients to have recovered from the virus in Kenya. 


While speaking with the President Wednesday, 26-year-old Brenda, who was the first confirmed case in the country, said that she might have contracted the virus in London while on transit. 

“I went to the US on December 19 and when I finished my stay I travelled to Cleveland and then [to] Chicago where I had a 10-hour layover. I then went to London and this is where I think I may have contracted the virus or on the plane [while coming] back home”, said Brenda. 

She said that three days after arriving in the country, she had a persistent cough and after a day of observation she decided to visit Mbagathi Hospital in the capital Nairobi. 

“At the facility, they took me seriously and gave me a mask immediately I told them I had travelled from outside the country,” she said. 


Brenda said that she learnt of the test results through the media after the government announced that Kenya had confirmed the first Covid-19 case. 

“When a friend called me and said, ‘Ivy, I think this is you they are talking about’, I said ‘no it cannot be me’,” she said. 

She said that when she heard the news of the first confirmed case, she doubted it was her because it was reported that patient was a 27-year-old and she is 26. 

“I’m excited to go home because the last time I was home everything was normal but things have changed. I miss the sun so much and being able to go out,” said Brenda. 

Brian, who contracted the virus from Brenda, said that his experience at the hospital was not bad.

“I spoke to my aunt who said that she can finally believe that the disease is real,” he said.

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