Africa: Lagos Diaspora groups perfect plan to drag Lagos parliament speaker to UN & Western-world parliaments on corruption charges.

Lagos State Parliament

24 June, 2020

A coalition of Lagos citizens Professionals living in Diaspora already perfected plan working with different reputable anti-corruption agencies across Europe and, the USA to submit petitions of corruption against the present speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Mudashir Obasa to different world parliaments including the UN ( EU, EEA, the UK and the USA).
According to a prominent member of the organization, it is no news that many allegations of corruption and financial squandering are hanging against the speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Mudashiru Obasa but the government anti-corruption commission is yet to invite him for questioning and not to talk of prosecution.
The group berated the anti-corruption agency in Nigeria for selective prosecution and justice. 

“It’s not out of the left-field that the agency leadership is being alleged of corruption,” said by one of the group lawyers in living in Brussels, Belgium.

The group promised to expend their collective resources and know-how to see the financial corruption issue of the speaker, Obasa, to a logical conclusion and ensure that the speaker clears himself from all the allegations or face the consequences internationally.”

According to the group project director in the Northern Europe, the group with networks across the globe is determined and committed to stopping selective prosecution and justice especially in Lagos State and put an end to financial recklessness of the State resources which is under the control of certain cabal who care less about the collective wellness of the people but of their families, concubines and lifestyle. 

As long as Nigeria is one of 186 States parties signatories to the United Nation Convention against corruption, we will always seek justice we can’t get back home in Nigeria through the international means”

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