Luxembourg​: Findel landing strip to be renovated in 2021 for €150 million

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The runway at Luxembourg Airport will be subject to renovation in 2021. The construction work will take two years before completion.

Minister for Mobility and Public Works François Bausch confirmed that the landing strip of the runway required maintenance work in a response to a parliamentary question. Bausch provided details on how the work would take place as best not to disrupt the busy airport. Work will primarily take place overnight, between 11 pm and 6 am. Whilst the works are due to last two years, they will only take place during spring, summer, and autumn due to the unaccommodating weather conditions in the winter.

The minister stressed that construction will not be stopped in the event of delayed flights; these flights will have to land elsewhere, as the runway will be closed for seven hours without exception. Instead, Luxembourg Airport will work with airports in the Greater Region, such as Nancy, Liège, Frankfurt-Hahn, and Saarbrucken-Ensheim, in order for these to make alternate arrangements for delayed flights.

Bausch clarified that airlines already operating at Luxembourg Airport are already using alternative airports for standard operations, including those in the Greater Region. The residual impact of the project, Bausch explained, should be adapted by these airlines thanks to alternative airlines. The minister added that Luxembourg Airport should not need to restructure for the benefit of the construction works.

The total cost of the project lays at the €270 million mark, of which €150 million is earmarked for the landing strip renovation. The rest of the budget will be allocated to redeveloping the airport.

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