Nigeria: Federal government proscription of Amotekun security outfit (Panther) inimical to the unity of Nigeria- Says a global affairs analyst

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As the Federal government of Nigeria declared illegal the recently launched security outfit, Amotekun ( Panther) by the South-West governors of Nigeria, a global affairs analyst, Amb. Ayoola Lawal stated that the creation and launching of Amotekun (Panther) by the South-West governors of Nigeria, should be encouraged and supported by the Federal Government of Nigeria rather than acting otherwise.

He stated that “ No Nigerian needs further explanation or narrative for the creation of Amotekun ( Panther) by the chief security officers of the South-West region of the country, Nigeria. The insecurity challenges across Nigeria seem to be overwhelming for the Federal Government government to handle as of now.  “The Federal government has not been able to effectively guaranty the safety of lives and property at least in the South-West with the invasion of foreign criminals and herdsmen far too long for any authentic leaders to bear without appropriate action”. He further said that in a recent statement credited to the wife of the President of Nigeria, Mrs Aisha Buhari, that no one can sleep with his or her two eyes closed when they go to their villages, even if they are secured in Aso-Rock.
Lawal questioned the reason why such related security outfits such as Hisbah and Civilian JFT in the Northern region of Nigeria are yet to be proscribed as illegal but the recently launched “Amotekun” was declared illegal when the governors already made it clearly known that the outfit was established not as an arm of the security forces in Nigeria, but as a joint neighbourhood security outfit to make security of lives and property more easier in the region?.
What exactly is the cause of jittery for the Federal government of Nigeria?
The Federal government should take into cognition the sensitivity of this issue, and be careful not to further accentuates the apprehension of Islamization and Northern Nigeria hegemony propagation that seems to be gaining ground across other regions in Nigeria. 
The Federal government should come to term that “Amotekun” as come to stay because one of the South-East governors recently made it known that the South-West governors stole his ideas, that it was its brainchild, such outfits already in the Northern Region, and the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum also kicked against its declaration through the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Malami Abubakar, SAN
Lawal implores the Federal government of Nigeria to sleep over the idea of the proscription and write history to avoid the “We” against “Them” narrative because, in unity,  Nigeria is stronger and better. 
It is no doubt the South-West governors are capable and in a great stand to defend and achieve the best ways in promoting and protecting the safety of lives and properties of their region through the appropriate means.

Source: CRN

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