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Nigeria: Nigerians Reprimand President Buhari for Absence at Late Chief of Army Staff, Attahiru Burial Rite.

23 May, 2021

Nigerians and Africans across the globe mourn the untimely death of 11 senior officers killed in a plane crash in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria on Friday evening. A prominent Global Affairs Analyst based in Sweden, Mr Ayoola Lawal, has joined Nigerians home and abroad to reprimand the President of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari and his Vice Yemi Osinbajo for their absence at the burial rite of the gallant officers that died in active service on Friday evening in a plane crash in kaduna.

“It is so sad and uninspiring that President Muhammad Buhari and his vice president did not clear their schedule to attend the burial rite of the number one military officer in the land, the Chief of Army Staff, late General Attahiru Ibrahim, who was among the officers that were killed in the plane crash”

“What story will they tell Nigerians about patriotism again? How will they further inspire the brave men and women in uniform out there in the field risking their lives to keep the nation safe?

 “It will take a special kind of intellectual and moral dishonesty not to condemn and speak up against what Mr President Buhari and his vice, Osinbajo did to us all. 

The world witnessed the burial rite of Iran’s top general, Qassem Soleimani, who was killed at Baghdad International Airport in January 2020 and who will not be proud to serve his/her nation seeing how he was honoured in death?

Moving further, I implore Mr President Buhari and the parliament to order a thorough investigation into this particular plane crash and other previous crashes because the military plane crash is now becoming a norm and far too many disasters for any nation. Also, there is no better time to declare a state of emergency in the Nigerian aviation industry that now.

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