Nigerian police special anti-robbery unit’s founder ‘feels guilty’

Mr Fulani Kwajafa

16 October, 2020

The man who set up the Nigerian anti-robbery police unit, SARS, Mr Fulani Kwajafa, is not happy about what the outfit turns into. The special unit accused of human rights abuses, and extreme crimes against Nigerians especially the youths.

Mr Fualani said that he feels “sad” and “guilty” about what the agency has become.

“Sars of today is not the same Sars I established in 1984,” Fulani Kwajafa said. 

He said the unit had been “turned into banditry”.

Officers from the Special Anti Robbery Squad have been accused of committing extrajudicial killings and torture.

Thou President Muhammadu Buhari has announced the disbandment of the special unit of the Nigerian police force after thousands of Nigerians youths took to the streets to protest against SARS and policy human rights abuse.

A new outfit called Swat was unveiled to replace SARS but the Nigerian youths rejected the newly formed outfit. 

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