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People enraged on social media as Spaniards flock to parks and beaches flouting lockdown rules


27 April 2020

Social media has been besieged with footage of people set forth outside across Spain after over a month and 9 days in lockdown. Nevertheless, the joyous return of children to the streets has been met with mixed and often irate reactions.

Many disappointed citizens condemned the lack of social distancing on display as people flocked to the beaches and parks, flouting all health and safety guidelines during what was supposed to be a limited release for the nation’s children.

As children under the age of 14 were permitted to return to the streets accompanied by a parent or guardian, provided they stayed within 1km of their home and were outside for no longer than an hour.

However, the hashtag ‘#Irresponsables’ trended on Spanish Twitter, as many vented their anger at the perceived recklessness of their compatriots spotted in photos and videos showing parks full of children and groups of adults, and beaches littered with people sunbathing – “crowded as if it were the summer,” as one report in Spanish media put it.

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