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Petroleum Price Increase in Nigeria, Insensitive Decision-Says APC Diaspora Chairman, Lawal Ayoola.

Ambassador Ayoola Lawal@PX

4 September, 2020.

The National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Scandinavia countries and the Managing Partner, LRA Consulting, Mr Ayoola Lawal in a press release in Sweden, strongly condemned the sudden increase in the pump price of petroleum motor spirit (Petrol) by Petroleum Product Marketing Company, a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

In the statement, he said, “It might be the right decision in the long-term but definitely a wrong timing.  The directive by the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria to its members in the south-west to sell the product at 162 per litre as against the increased amount of 151.56k reported by some publications should be collectively condemned.

“Every government across the globe is trying to cushion the financial and psychological impact of COVID-19 for her citizens and Nigeria should not be different especially at this early stage of gradual re-opening of the global lockdown.

“In an unregulated price control nation, it’s no brainer that any increase in petroleum price will directly impact the costs and prices of goods and services especially foods and transportation and this will worsen the already harsh living conditions of Nigerians especially at the present time of likely global recession.” He said.

The Management Consultant, Mr Lawal called on “all major stakeholders, the decision-makers in the industry and government to put on their thinking caps and take a second hard look into this decision, find alternatives to an increase in price and make a reasonable revert of this decision”.

Also, he urged President Muhammadu Buhari to take a quick look into this decision before it starts taking a toll on his government and the future of the party.

He said, “As an APC member and a party that puts the welfare of the citizens first, this increase might be a tipping point that might pitch the masses against our government and flaw the impressive effort of the government. Nigerians might start reacting by dealing us rejection cards at our upcoming elections across Nigeria.”

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