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RACISM, a European invention, and An Unforgivable Crime Against Humanity.


9 June, 2020

The whole world has seen it graphically, the dehumanization that AFRICANS, the first humans on the surface of this planet, have suffered for close to six centuries in the hands of Europeans. This dehumanization spree was spread around the world by European invaders in AFRICA, North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.
The latest illustration of this dehumanization with the brutal murder that the entire world saw on their screen in real-time, was the chilling torture and murder in broad daylight of an African American by four police officers in Minneapolis. The entire murder was transmitted live around the globe, thanks to the ready availability of mobile phone videos that document the opprobrious brutality of American police against African Americans. One can only imagine the uncountable atrocities that American police have committed and that were not documented, and even when documented, were rarely prosecuted, and if by an unimaginable stroke of chance, they ever went to trial, they were acquitted despite overwhelming evidence for a conviction. With such a racist system and miscarriage of justice, the police merely continued murdering African Americans at will, and with absolute impunity, assured that they would get away with the callous murders.
Without an iota of doubt, the savage torture and murder of an African American, George Floyd on 25th of May 2020 by four police officers in Minneapolis very clearly speak volumes. The video recording of this gruesome torture and murder that was transmitted live around the world shows that to these four police officers, the African American George Floyd was sub-human, an animal, nothing more than a game for hunting. The police officer with his knee on George Floyd`s neck, choking him to death had his hands in his pockets while squeezing the life out of George Floyd, he even vividly assumed a posture and countenance of a hunter displaying with arrogance and pride, the corpse of his prey as the trophy of his hunting expedition.
The protests that have erupted across the entire USA symbolize the call for attention to the extensive and systemic dehumanization of AFRICANS spanning centuries.
Let´s be clear about this: The fundamental basis for the dehumanization of AFRICANS is that Europeans have never accorded AFRICANS the status of human beings, hence the Portuguese initiated the GREATEST HOLOCAUST OF ALL TIME, AND THE GREATEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY – SLAVERY – on AFRICANS in the year 1441, which was quickly emulated by other European nations. The legacies of slavery are what we are experiencing today.
The whole idea of classifying people into races, thus establishing the obnoxious racism, is a European invention.
As Christian Delacampagne said some forty years ago “You have to know the circumstances surrounding the birth of Racism to do something effective to bring about its death”

In our desperate search for the origin of mankind, Molecular Biologists have dismissed the insane idea of races. The simple fact is that there are no races, there IS only ONE race, viz THE HUMAN RACE, whose origin is AFRICA. What an irony, that the very first citizens of this planet, i. e. AFRICANS have been dehumanized through the last six centuries. The unmistakable goal of the Europeans´ definition and classification of the world´s citizens into races is to dehumanize Non-Europeans, especially AFRICANS.
After all, the greatest migrants in world history are the Europeans who merely invaded other parts of the world, enslaved and massacred the original peoples they found there, carried out extermination and genocide, established apartheid rules everywhere, long before the Dutch´s version of same in South Africa. Not only did Europeans enter the countries WITHOUT VISA, WITHOUT ENTRY OR RESIDENCE PERMIT, but they also occupied the invaded countries, segregated and banished the original peoples of the many countries, confining their hosts to barren areas, restricting their movements in their own countries, imposing the invaders´ languages, culture, traditions and even religious beliefs, denying them their non-negotiable fundamental human rights, self-determination and freedom in their lands.
To justify European Americans´ racism, and dehumanization of AFRICANS, they decided to classify peoples into races and skin colour, assigning a white colour to themselves, while they describe others as Negroes, Blacks, Latinos, Hispanics, Brown, Asians and Natives. They may simply classify peoples into just two categories, viz. White people and lump all others into one pool that they term People of Colour. By the way, you also hear European Americans identifying themselves as English Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, Italian Americans, French Americans, Spanish Americans, Polish Americans, Scottish Americans, Portuguese Americans, Dutch (Nederland) Americans, Danish Americans, Belgian Americans, Welsh Americans, Swiss Americans, Swedish Americans, Finnish Americans, Bulgarian Americans, Greek Americans, Hungarian Americans, Rumanian Americans, Norwegian Americans, Czech Americans, Slovakian Americans, Estonian Americans, Latvian Americans, Lithuanian Americans, Ukrainian Americans, Georgian Americans, Armenian Americans, Russian Americans, Serbian Americans, Bosnian Americans, Slovenian Americans, Albanian Americans, Croatian Americans, Austrian (i. e. German) Americans etc.
While European invaders identified themselves by the European countries they emigrated from, you never hear them identifying AFRICAN Americans with the countries they originated from, thanks to the savage balkanization of the continent in November 1884 by the same Europeans, who destroyed the Africans´ identity and since they never recognized AFRICANS as human beings anyway, it was more convenient for them to merely describe them derogatorily as Blacks with no history, no culture, no identity.
While European Americans describe themselves as white, which they are far from being, they describe others as black or brown or as people of colour, and when it pleases them choose to describe them as Latinos, i.e. Latin speaking people, even though they do not speak Latin. Then they describe others as Hispanics, which means relating to Spain, Spanish and/or Spaniards.
When I scan through these terminologies, several issues, as well as many extremely troubling questions, arise. Why do European Americans assign a white colour to themselves when they are not white? In my peregrinations around the world, I have NEVER in my entire life seen a single white human being. A white human being simply does not exist anywhere on the surface of this planet. Snow is white, and there is no human being whose skin has the same colour as snow has. Why do European Americans identify some people exclusively with their perceived skin colour, others with a language they erroneously assign to them, yet others by geography, like identifying some by calling them Hispanics and Asians? Now, when European Americans describe their fellow citizens as People of Colour, may I ask them “Are the rest of the citizens colourless ?”
The thing that astounds me is why Africans are so gullible and so easy to deceive, that while others are building factories and erecting infrastructure, educating their populations, providing essential amenities like water and electricity supplies that are the backbone of industrialization, transportation, food production, food storage, food preservation, food distribution, health services, environmental protection, Africans are investing all their time, energy and resources building churches and mosques, waiting for an imaginary father residing above the clouds to take care of all the above-named facilities. I had said it time without number, in fact since my primary school days and all through my days of thorough training in GOVERNMENT COLLEGE, IBADAN, an uncountable number of times, that until Africans discard the two major imperialist foreign religions that have merely arrested their minds and torn their societies into shreds, precipitated and maintained civil strife, the continent will neither know peace nor progress. These imperialist foreign religions have been nothing but retrogressive forces for all the peoples of the continent of AFRICA – The Origin Of All Mankind. Why do Africans subject themselves to the deceit and the whims and caprices of those agents of these imperialist religions´ mind suppression by luring Africans into the path of apathy, inertia, inaction, retrogression and self-destruction? Look around, and watch in horror, the aggressive propaganda to arrest Africans´ minds by luring and coercing and converting them to the bondage of the imperialist religions that pacify them, acquiesce them with the promise that a big father above the clouds will liberate them from slavery, racism, genocide, discrimination, exploitation, injustice and all the rest. Why do Africans hold on so tenaciously to such brazen and empty preaching that has NEVER done Africans any good, on the contrary, it is precisely these two religions that directly and indirectly turned the richest continent on earth to the most impoverished. Meanwhile, Africans are dissipating their energy, time and resources in churches and mosques, while the fabric of their societies are eroding and their mammoth wealth are being looted, and their continent left barren.

Donald Trump´s philosophy, ideology, statements and actions make even the worst German Nazis look like nothing more than beginners, amateurs and apprentices and make Nazi atrocities just child`s play in Trump´s workshop, while the German Gestapo would appear as toddlers in Trump´s police academy. If he had his way, he would undoubtedly have wished all Non-Europeans should be wiped out in the United States. He has displayed this from the very onset of his campaign to become President, reinforcing this with action on the assumption of the presidency when he said, amongst others, that he did not want any Non-European migration to the United States, that he would rather have migration to the country from Europe only, citing Norway as an example of a European country he would prefer immigrants should come from. He has made no secret of this ideology, saying the country was being invaded by Non-European immigrants, like they were locusts invading a plantation or a forest. So here we are, a descendant of invaders from Europe now erecting walls to keep Non-Europeans out of United States.
Verily, I ask Donald Trump and those who share his philosophy and ideology “Who were the invaders of other countries and other continents, and who make the greatest immigrant populations in the world ?” The simple answer is EUROPEANS ! !! And when Trump said that three American Congress Women should go back to where they came from, he should be the first to board a plane and return to Europe where he came from. After all, his ancestors came to the United States from Europe, without authorization, without permission, without a visa and residence permit. Does Trump know how many hundreds of millions of Europeans live outside Europe, and who then should return to Europe from AFRICA, from North, Central and South America, from Asia, from Australia and New Zealand, and the Pacific?

History is laden with tons of lessons, which oppressors have so woefully failed to learn. Amongst its a simple fact that those who make peaceful changes impossible to achieve, automatically make violent changes inevitable.
Some questions keep propping up in my mind. When people have protested peacefully for centuries, against dehumanization, racism, enslavement, genocide, crimes against humanity, exploitation, extermination, discrimination, torture, murder with impunity, injustice, denial of human rights, human dignity, freedom and pursuit of happiness, and the downtrodden people are ignored, with the clear picture that their lives do not matter, and therefore absolutely nothing is achieved, and nothing changes for the better, on the contrary, they are met with even more vicious repression, what exactly are these oppressed people to do? What would you do, if you were downtrodden?
There is an extremely important issue that has got drowned amidst all the protests generated by the latest brutal torture and murder of an African American, George Floyd and the Corona Virus Pandemic that has claimed close to 110.000 American lives, disproportionately affecting African Americans more than any other ethnic group. Why is this case, one may aptly ask?
One must not lose sight of the fact that in the United States, like in any other European established inhuman regimes all over the world, the manifestation of racism is not confined to the police, but permeates the entire American society – basic human rights and human dignity, education, health, housing, employment, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, freedom from harassment and access to justice. The European Americans who have wielded power since they invaded the entire American continent (North, Central & South and other parts of the world) have always denied the original peoples human rights in their own countries. And when they dared protest against racism and its evils, they were mowed down with machine guns.
At this point, people are so outraged, they are talking about a change in this and change in that, but they seem to overlook certain basic issues.
The major issue in question is the undemocratic electoral system that made it possible for somebody like Donald Trump to be elected to the exalted position of President of the United States of America, a position he has rubbished, abused, desecrated and made a complete mockery of. When an electoral system makes it possible for a candidate who scored 3 million votes LESS than his opponent, and the fewer votes scoring candidate emerges as the winner, such an electoral system is so undemocratic, it is absolute heresy. This undemocratic electoral system evolved from what imperialist England planted in America, precisely as they exported the same undemocratic system to all the countries they invaded.
If I were I to live for nine to the power nine trillion years, I can/will never forget, and neither can nor will I ever forgive those that have subjected, and still subject AFRICA (The Origin Of All Mankind) and AFRICANS to opprobrious brutality, racism, slavery, dehumanization, torture, robbery of freedom, denial of human rights, human dignity and self-determination, oppression, callous exploitation, looting of AFRICA`s mammoth wealth of natural and human resources, sabotage, the savagery of colonialism and imperialism (political, economic, social, cultural, linguistic, scientific, educational, religious, mental and environmental) mass murder, extermination, genocide and UNPARDONABLE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
Even if the perpetrators of these abhorrent atrocities were to embark upon centuries overdue reparations to AFRICA and AFRICANS, beginning today, and continue for the next nine to the power nine trillion years from now, they will only have achieved a reparation far from sufficient to mitigate more than an infinitesimally tiny fraction of the crimes against humanity they have committed, and are still committing against AFRICA and AFRICANS.

Author: Professor, Sir Ade Ojeniyi, M.D., D. PHIL., D.V.M., Cert. Internatl. Health, Dipl. Acup.
Emeritus Chief Physician & Government Medical Adviser.
Bremertoften 31, St. Lyngby. DK-3320 Skaevinge. DENMARK

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