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Robotics, coding become child’s play: KOOV Trial Kit

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Earlier this month, Sony Electronics announced a shortened version of the KOOV robotics kit that showed in a 2017 video as an educational robotics and coding kit, consisting of blocks, sensors, motors, actuators and a & # 39 ; complementary app to educate children about robotics programming and designs.

The new flavor is the KOOV test kit. Put simply, this is a smaller version of the entire KOOV. Limited parts, lower price.

In the 2017 video, the scenes showed the children immersed and amused themselves by putting the blocks together, referring to recipes on a display screen and watching robots being built. 

Oh, so it’s a toy, right? Sony wants the world to know that KOOV is much more than a toy. 

KOOV offers a step-by-step guide to the coding process and to the design of the robot – well, it is proposed as a fun activity. Children are shown how to use the code to bring their projects to life and move them.

Sony was ambitiously trampling the STEM bandwagon with KOOV. 

Just as in the aspirations of the pioneers of the Raspberry Pi, who insisted that children not only can play on their computers, but can understand the basics of what makes their computers work: KOOV band leaders wanted to allow children not only to build a robot but to “understand the complete process behind”.

“For example, so when children learn to use an LED for the first time, we show them that it is exactly an LED. Where can I actually see it? How is it relevant to me?” one presenter said in the video.

Children learn basic concepts about design, coding and robotics. The new test kit is priced at $ 249.99. 

What is in the kit: the KOOV app and the class management software. The app download instructions are provided in the Basic Startup Guide. 

Robotics, coding becomes child's play: KOOV Trial Kit

The KOOV test kit has a description of the kit with limited parts and dedicated lessons, which provides a basic understanding of KOOV coding, robotics and design “taking into account the complete solution of the educator kit which is perfect for education STEAM in the classroom or at home “. The KOOV app download instructions are provided in the Basic Startup Guide, Sony said.

System requirements satisfy Chromebooks: users of Chrome OS, Microsoft and Apple. Users with Windows: 7 / 8.1 / 10 64 bit; Mac OS: 10.9 and later; iOS: iOS 9 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, iPad Pro, iPad Air.

Connection via: USB direct (Windows); Bluetooth (iOS / Mac OS / Chrome OS).

this microcontroller connects the code with the robots to make everything fit together.

So how short is the new test kit? “With limited parts and dedicated lessons,” said Sony, “the KOOV test kit allows a basic understanding of KOOV coding, robotics and design.”

The kit is suitable for children aged 8 or over.

Sara Friedman’s opinion on the debut of the test kit was that the kit would help, without being replaced, STEM educators focused on robiotics. “The kit offers educators new ways to teach programming, robotics and design through practical exercises on STEAM,” he said in THE Journal.

How does it compare with the full version? Mariella Moon had some answers in Engadget. The biggest KOOV “can make lessons a lot more fun and turn children’s interest in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). But it also costs $ 520 a set, which may be too much for schools with little funding or teachers who pay out of pocket for school supplies. The new Koov test kit only costs $ 250

He also compared the dimensions. It comes with 86 blocks, while the larger set (you can see the Educator Kit page on the Sony website) has 322 and has fewer electronic components. In addition, it has up to 12 pre-coded robot recipes that children can follow and 6 lessons, while the largest set has 35 robot recipes and 23 lessons.

The steps are steps, no matter how small. Sony’s delivery of a test kit aims to attract an even larger base of young students with the “opportunity to take a look at the world of coding and robotics,” said Michiko Araki Kelley from Sony.

Robots can learn to support teachers in lesson sessions

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Robotics, programming becomes child’s play: KOOV Trial Kit (27 October 2019)
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