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Russia breaks 200,000 mark on total Covid-19 cases due to increased testing – Says Moscow


10 May, 2020

A total of 11,012 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Russia on Sunday afternoon.

The country has now seen the daily number of newly-recorded coronavirus infections exceed 10,000 for eight consecutive days. Overall, there are 209,688 patients who have tested positive for the deadly disease. Officials in Moscow say the surge in the numbers there is due to increased testing.

About half of the new cases reported on Sunday were registered in Moscow, which remains the country’s worst infection hotspot, followed by the region surrounding the capital.

Some 88 people have died across the country over the past 24 hours, bringing the Covid-19 death toll in Russia to 1,915.

Moscow officials have explained the spike in newly-recorded cases by increased mass testing, rather than the spread of the disease. Mayor Sergey Sobyanin argued earlier this week that it is “a huge plus” that the authorities have identified so many infections. That said, he admitted that the real situation with coronavirus in Moscow could be much worse than the official numbers suggest. Sobyanin mentioned that there could be some 300,000 cases.

The volume of testing in the capital has recently doubled, reaching one million on Wednesday. More than 5.4 million tests have been carried out nationwide since the start of the outbreak.

President Vladimir Putin had previously directed regional governments to roll out their own plans for relaxing quarantine restrictions and to set their own timetables as to when the gradual easing of measures can happen. However, there is no major relief in sight for Moscow. Officials have allowed some companies to resume work, but the majority of restrictions are still in place.

In addition, starting from May 12, people in Moscow will be obliged to wear masks in public places, including on transport. The self-isolation regime in one of the world’s largest cities has also been extended until the end of this month.

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