SARS-CoV-2 death toll in Europe spike past 30,000

1 Apr, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic in Europe has claimed over 30,000 lives. Italy alone accounts for more than a third of the number.

The world reached the 30,000 bench-mark four days ago, which shows how fast the deaths are mounting and how hard European countries are battling with the pandemic.

Spain, France, the UK, and the Netherlands reported the high rate of death while Italy is with the highest numbers of deaths in Europe

The global coronavirus death toll by the virus topped 40,000 on Tuesday, with the US, China, and Iran affected worst among the nations.

So far, the virus poses a greater threat to people with preexisting and underlying health conditions and older patients, which is a key factor in why Europe’s comparatively older population is suffering more than people in younger parts of the world. However, middle-aged and younger people have developed serious symptoms which depict likely mutations of the virus.

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