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UK: Sir Lindsay Hoyle wins race to replace John Bercow as Speaker in House of Commons

Breeal legretti Monday 4.11.2019

:Sir Lindsay Hoyle takes over the role from John Bercow immediately  

Sir Lindsay Hoyle has been elected by MPs as the new House of Commons Speaker – one of the most senior and influential roles in politics. 

The Labour MP for Chorley, who was serving as deputy speaker, takes over the role from John Bercow immediately.

Sir Lindsay beat his nearest rival, Labour MP Chris Bryant, by 112 votes. Other candidates were knocked out in three previous rounds of voting. As tradition dictates, he was dragged to the chair by his colleagues, a nod to the fact that in the past the Speaker was tasked with taking messages to the monarch of the day – which could be a dangerous occupation. As he took office, Sir Lindsay declared: “This house will change, but it will change for the better.

“I hope this house will be once again be a great, respected house not just here but across the world. We’ve got to make sure that tarnish is polished away.”

He will get one day in the chair tomorrow to oversee valedictory speeches from those not standing in the general election on Thursday 12 December 2019, before parliament is officially shut down for the campaign period.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid tribute to the “extremely strong field” of candidates but highlighted Sir Lindsay’s “many good qualities” – including kindness and reasonableness.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn meanwhile said: “I know you want to make this an even more compassionate and humane place to work.

” The new role means Sir Lindsay is in charge of keeping order in the Commons and making crucial decisions about how matters are debated and voted on. His main pledge to MPs was to be a fair Speaker, drawing on his experience sometimes overseeing Prime Minister’s Questions and the budget.

Sir Lindsay also pledged to call MPs to speak in debates based on their relevance to the topic and do away with a “pecking order”, as well as carry on fighting to protect from abuse politicians, their families and staff.

Source: BBC

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