Stop dance style that does not glorify God’, Church Warns.

– A church has warned choir members against dancing certain moves during worship service – The church released a statement, warning a choir member who was seen dancing what has been tagged a dance that does not glorify God – In the statement, the church warned that any choir member seen dancing this way would face a disciplinary committee A statement released by Nigerian church warning members against dancing a particular type of way is making rounds on social media.

A photo of the written statement print out recently went viral. The church identified as a branch of the First Baptist Church in Agbede, area of Edo state released the statement to warn a choir member. It was said that the choir member was seen dancing a move that was not deemed as something that glorified God during a worship service. The church advised the choir member to stop her style of dancing.

According to the statement, the choir member would be watched closely to investigate if she continues to dance this way after being warned. The church warned that if the choir member does not stop this style of dancing she would be asked to face the disciplinary committee. Read the statement below:

This is what happened at one of the occasions at Celestial Church of Christ.

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