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Sweden: “Sweden is full, many migrants need to go home” – says Sweden Democrats leader

 By CHRISTOFFER   – 30:11.2019

“In order to be able to repair any damage that has already been done it is a necessity that asylum and family reuinification immigration come down to an absolute minimum”, Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the populist right-wing Sweden Democrats, said at the party’s conference.

“Simply put: There must be more immigrants returing home than new immigrants arriving. We must send out the signal that Sweden is full and will be so for the foreseeable future. It is a basic premise. If we fail to do so, the problems will only continue to grow, and the consequences will be even worse. And we must at the same time dare to make demands again. Requirements for self-sufficiency. … … but if you live in Sweden you must adapt. You must adapt to our country’s values, respect our standards, learn the language, learn about how our society works.You must understand that you have come to a new country … … and therefore you cannot expect to live the same way as in your home country.”

Åkesson also wrote a guest article in newspaper Aftonbladet where he said that “Mass immigration have seriously damaged Sweden”.

The SwedenDemocrats have gained popularity at a rate that is unseen in this country. From 5.7 percent in the 2010 election to over 20 percent in the lastes poll. They are now the largest party in Sweden in several polls. Meanwhile, the Social Democrats are at record low levels.

Stefan Löfvén, the prime minister, recently got a lot of criticism after he in a TV interview said that “mass migration have not made crimes increasing”. Even social democrat columnist Lena Mellin, in Aftonbladet, wrote that Löfvén was a disaster in the interview.

Meanwhile, the leader of the right wing party The Moderates said that Löfvén could have seen the negative development followed by mass immigration. He also said that his own party – The Moderates – were partly guilty in creating these problems.

The Sweden Democrats plan to be in the next Swedish government together with the Moderates and the Christian Democrats. But even if the Moderate party have apologized for their immigration policy they had when they governed the country between 2006 and 2014, many people still do not trust them. Things the Sweden Democrats first prosoped – like ban on hijabs in schools – now have been copied by some other parties.

Source: Voice of Europe

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