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The Netherlands: 25 illegal migrants discovered in a refrigerated container enroute ​to the UK

A cargo ferry en route to the UK from the Netherlands had to be turned back to the Dutch port of Vlaardingen after authorities discovered 25 illegal migrants in a refrigerated truck on board. 

The driver of the truck, a 39-year-old Romanian man, was promptly arrested while the 25 illegal migrant passengers – all believed to be from Kuwait and Iraq – were taken off the ferry once it returned to port. The migrants were then greeted by emergency services and immigration officials, RTL news reports.

“The ship was a couple of kilometers into its journey when the crew discovered that there were stowaways on board. There were around 25 people. The ship turned back, and they are now all ashore, and the top priority is to find out how they are doing medically,” police spokesman Mirjam Boers said. 

“Twenty ambulances are here, and we are caring for them. They were discovered in a refrigerated container and we are most concerned with how they are doing. This is about people’s lives,” Boers added.

Following the medical checks, two of the migrants were transported to the hospital because they didn’t feel well, while the remaining 23 were taken to a police station. Of the 25 migrants stowed away in the truck, 6 are said to have been minors.

This is similar to the UK incident which comes just weeks after 39 Vietnamese migrants were found dead in the same kind of refrigerated truck in Essex, UK that arrived on a vessel from Belgium. An arrest was made in connection to the incident. The investigation is still ongoing.

Source: CRN

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