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UK Prime Minister still ‘in charge’ of govt as he undergoes MORE Covid-19 tests

6 Apr, 2020

Boris Johnson will continue to lead the UK government despite spending the night in hospital due to his Covid-19 infection, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has said. The PM will also undergo a series of tests later in the day.

Although Johnson is in the hospital, he is still leading the UK government, Jenrick said on Monday.

“He’s been working extremely hard, leading the government and being constantly updated, that’s going to continue,” Jenrick told BBC TV. He stressed that Johnson would “continue to be kept informed as to what’s happening and to be in charge of the government.”

The UK leader is not the only high-profile British figure to catch coronavirus. Health Secretary Matt Hancock was diagnosed with the illness but has since made a full recovery. Likewise, Prince Charles learned that he had Covid-19 several days before Johnson, and emerged from self-isolation last week.

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