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US takes gold medal for Covid-19 pandemic from China

26 Mar, 2020 21:41  

The US has overtaken China on the list of nations with the most coronavirus cases, as the number of the infected within the country crept past 82,000 cases, according to

With 14995 new cases reported so far on Thursday alone, Covid-19 has killed a total of 1,201 Americans to date. Thursday also saw cases worldwide soar beyond half a million, with more than 529,148 infections reported around the globe.

US President Donald Trump, when asked about the new tally, said the uptick in cases was “a tribute to our testing, ” suggesting ramped up screenings for the virus throughout the country had driven the surge in newly confirmed infections. The president also sounded scepticism over figures provided by China, where the outbreak originated, stating “I’m sure you’re not able to tell what China’s testing and not testing.”

Though China led the world in infections from December, when the outbreak erupted in the city of Wuhan, till now, the sweeping quarantine measures appeared to pay off and daily tallies fell.

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