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USA: YG Kicks Fan Off Stage For Not Shouting ‘Fuck Donald Trump’

US rapper YG has undoubtedly given one fan a night to remember, kicking the audience member out for refusing to shout ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ during a recent show.

When it comes to politics, things can get very messy, very quickly. When you mix music with politics, you can either witness the birth of some stunning artists and songs, or some incredibly awkward moments.

In fact, the latter is exactly what a crowd of YG fans received over the weekend, with the rapper having something of an onstage clash with a fan midway through his set.

For a bit of background, if you’re not aware of YG and his controversial appearance at the 2018 Spilt Milk festival, then you might at least be aware of his 2016 track ‘FDT’.

An initialism of the phrase “Fuck Donald Trump”, the tune was written in response to Donald Trump’s policies regarding Mexican immigrants, and sees the rapper teaming up with Nipsey Hussle to deliver a searing track full of political poetry.

In fact, YG even took this track to the people with a headline tour also titled “Fuck Donald Trump”, ensuring that absolutely none of his fans could have misconstrued his feelings in regards to the US President.

However, the rapper appeared to experience a difference in opinions over the weekend, when he pulled a fan onstage during his set at the Mala Luna Music Festival in San Antonio, Texas.

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