Women storm Badu Kobi’s church

The women were led by Afia Pokua of Adom FM

Women coalition group calling itself, ‘1000 Women March’, on early hours of Sunday, stormed the headquarters of Prophet Badu Kobi’s church, Glorious Wave Church International at Sakumono, with protest to demand an apology from the founder, Prophet Badu Kobi over his controversial ethnocentric comments.

Over hundred (100) members who were clad in a red and wielding number of placards from various parts of the country joined the protest.

During a confrontation at the entrance of the church to prevent the protestors from entering the church premises, junior pastors and some other members of the church clashed with the protesters where slaps and brawl were exchanged. 

The convener for the coalition, Afia Pokuaa of multimedia group limited spoke with the media where she made a call on all church leaders to bring out statements that will bind Ghanaians together and demanded an apology from prophet Badu Kobi to the entire nation to bring unity.

“Prophet Badu Kobi is a fine and well-respected man of God but for him to come out with such comment is a no-no for him, our mothers from Ashanti, Fante, and Ewe have lived their lives very well and they don’t deserve to be branded with such raw ethnocentric comment, we need him to apologise now”

Some of the aggressive protesters who spoke to the media stated that they will continue to hit Prophet Badu Kobi with protest should he fails to render an apology to the tribes that were mentioned in his comments.

“We the Ashanti ladies are very hardworking and we are not greedy, we fight for what belongs to us so we need an apology from that fake prophet Badu Kobi otherwise we won’t stop hitting him with protest”

Watch below prophet Badu Kobi making his ethnocentric comment

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