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‘You Will Never Again Be America’s Mayor’- Lincoln Project’s to Rudy Giuliani

Major Rudy Giuliani

31 January, 2021

Following the former Mayor, Gualiani conspiracy theory about the Lincoln Project, The Lincoln Project has demanded a public apology from Rudy Giuliani after he has repeatedly thrown around the conspiracy theory which aligned with members of the anti-fascist group, Antifa, and secretly disguised themselves as Donald Trump supporters during the Capitol riots on Jan. 6.

A note was sent to Giuliani by the Attorneys for the political action committee on Saturday that listed a copiously footnoted list of all of his recent embarrassments, everything from his “butt-dialed voicemails” to his encounter with Borat’s daughter to holding a press conference in front of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, noting that he has lost all respectability.

“You were once a respected and respectable public figure,” the letter shared on Twitter reads. “Rather than apologizing for your actions, you have spent the ensuing weeks deflecting blame and grasping for some way to explain your misconduct.”

On Friday, the former Mayor, Giuliani told Steve Bannon on his radio show “War Room: Pandemic” that he suspected “wolves in sheep’s clothing” had disguised themselves as Trump supporters on the day of the Capitol riots and that the Lincoln Project was responsible for having “planned” the riot “in order to hurt” Donald Trump.

When Giuliani said he was unable to reveal the origin of that information because it came from anonymous sources, Bannon laughed at him and said “you’ve gotta be kidding me.”

In a staement on Saturday, The Lincoln Project responded by refuting that his statements were false and defamatory, dinging him for having so little credibility that “even Fox News is reportedly unwilling to listen to you anymore.”

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